Video Therapy Services

I am dedicated to serving you with the highest of professional care. To that end it is important for you to know that I use HIPPA compliant telemedicine software called “VSee”.  All it requires is a computer using Chrome of Firefox. If this is not possible we also use “Zoom”. FaceTime may be an option with an understanding that it is not as HIPPA compliant.

What are the benefits of Video therapy?

Video counseling allows you to schedule at your convenience, even if you’re traveling within Nebraska.

You will have access to even if you do not have transportation to make it to the office.

There will not be any need to drive to and from your appointment.  

There would be no stress about traffic or trying to find parking.

No stress over finding a babysitter

You don’t have to sit in a waiting room full of other people.

It is as confidential; if not more so, than seeing a therapist in -person or in –office.

What are the limitations of Video therapy?

You must be residing in the state of Nebraska.

You would also want to have privacy during the online therapy session (private room, where others are not intruding on your conversation.)

Who can benefit from Video therapy?

Anyone can benefit from online therapy. Technology now makes it possible for people living a great distance away to receive the services that they might otherwise not be able to receive.

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment simply email me or call or text me at 402-880-6115. We will discuss the manner in which you would like to do your video counseling at that time i.e.  Zoom, VSee, phone.

How much will it cost?

Most insurance companies cover video therapy. I would recommend calling your insurance provider to see if that is the case for you. We do all the filing and billing. If you prefer to not use your insurance the private pay cost is a very reasonable.  Give me call or an email and we can discuss. Payment is made through PayPal; a simple click on the button on the Home page of my website.