My ability to put people at ease will help you feel comfortable and able to talk about your concerns.  I am attentive to the therapeutic relationship, your process and your needs. Ongoing support, guidance and processing of various experiences is essential to healthy living in today's world.  My therapy approach is eclectic and depending upon what you bring to a session, my sense of how to approach that issue, and your own input; I utilize a number of methods to help you achieve your counseling goals.  In addition to powerful listening and reflecting, I employ a variety of experiential methods to get to the root of unwanted behaviors and beliefs.  I believe the experience of being understood and valued give you the freedom to grow.





We were made for relationship. Sadly, within these relationships people may experience great disappointment, loss, rejection and betrayal. At times like these one may decide to enter into Christian Counseling; a healing encounter with God. The trained professional counselor assists in this redemptive, healing process, helping hurt people to move forward to the path of spiritual maturity and emotional health. It is a process wherein the counselor considers not only theological perspectives; but also simultaneously engages in the various psychological tasks of counseling.  As we grow we are given positive and negative messages.  Based on these messages, we make decisions about ourselves and others that will direct us throughout our lives.